Rep. Wheeler statement on House passage of FOID Modernization Act

Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Keith Wheeler (R-Oswego) issued the following statement after the Illinois House of Representatives gave final approval Wednesday to the FOID Modernization Act contained within House Bill 562:  

“I voted to support law enforcement by giving them the ability to recover FOID cards and weapons from persons whose FOID card has been suspended or revoked. By doing so, this bill brings us closer to honoring the memory of the victims of the Henry Pratt shooting and their families. I made a commitment to the father of one of the Pratt victims, Trevor Wehner, that I would support a bill that would give law enforcement the tools needed to be able to recover weapons from revoked FOID cardholders without making it harder for law-abiding Illinoisans to obtain or renew their FOID cards, in an effort to prevent another tragedy like the one that occurred in Aurora.

“This bill will also help the Illinois State Police catch up on the huge backlog of new FOID applications and renewals, as well as provide funding for community-based mental health programs. While the bill before us today was not perfect and deserves further corrections regarding transfer requirements and other measures, I am committed to working with stakeholders to file the necessary legislation to address those concerns.”

Representative Wheeler serves the 50th District which includes portions of Kane and Kendall Counties.