300+ Turn Out for Rep. Wheeler’s Property Tax Seminar

YORKVILLE- State Representative Keith R. Wheeler (R-Oswego) held an informational seminar for Fox Valley homeowners at the Yorkville Public Library on Tuesday evening on the property tax assessment process and how to appeal your property taxes if you believe you may have been over-assessed. Representative Wheeler was joined by Kendall County Assessor Andy Nicoletti for the ninety-minute program. Over three hundred residents of Kane and Kendall County attended the seminar.  

‘Skyrocketing property taxes are one of the issues that encouraged me to run for State Representative,” said Rep. Wheeler. “I hear from residents every day that the annual increase is driving them out of their homes and forcing them to relocate to states with lower costs. Seniors have felt the impact harder than most. I felt that it was vital to inform residents of the steps that can be taken through the appeals process to give them some relief.”  

Due to the success of this seminar, Rep. Wheeler plans to host similar events in the future. Rep. Wheeler recommends that until future events can be planned, residents should reach out to their local township assessor to learn more about how they can appeal their property taxes. 

For assistance in finding out how to contact your local assessor, Rep. Wheeler encourages residents to contact his district office at 630.345.3464 or by email at office@repkeithwheeler.org.