VIDEO: Rep. Wheeler on vote for vital funding to local schools, road projects, and state services

Budget – stopgap budget deal enacted
·         New FY17 spending bills will enable full K-12 school operations for entire school year.  By contrast, however, many other State operations will only be funded through December 2016.  The “stopgap” bills do not balance the budget and do not solve Illinois’ fiscal woes.  The State’s leaders believe that the current Springfield policy gap has achieved dimensions great enough that only the voters of Illinois, in the November election, can choose which path the State should follow.   One of the key bills was the measure that actually appropriated money for FY16 and FY17; SB 2047, which was passed by the House and Senate on Thursday, June 30.  
      The stopgap budget package was signed by Governor Bruce Rauner before the end of the day and prior to the start of FY17.  The measures include funding to ensure that Illinois schools, including the troubled Chicago public school system, will reopen on time.  Money is included to resume or maintain operations at Illinois state universities and other essential public facilities.  Funds are earmarked to enable the fulfillment of this summer’s construction schedule for the repair and maintenance of State roads, bridges, and mass transit facilities.  Some money is provided for community social services.  The House vote on SB 2047 was 105-4-1.  After unanimous approval in the Senate, the appropriation bill became law as P.A. 99-524.