Illinois News Network: House passes measure to free local funds; Unemployment Insurance measure passed

By Greg Bishop

House passes measure to free local funds and more A measure to provide money to local governments, winners of the Illinois Lottery and funds for veterans homes across the state, among other things, is a step in the right direction but doesn’t go far enough in solving the budget crisis. That’s according to some supporters of a measure that passed the House Wednesday…

Unemployment Insurance measure passed An agreed upon measure to update unemployment insurance before ramps in costs to employers and decreases in benefits for the unemployed now heads to the governor’s desk. Before passing lawmakers from both sides of the aisle applauded the effort as a sign of true bipartisanship, not just between Republicans and Democrats, but also business and labor…

Republican Representative Keith Wheeler said the bill is a sign of the General Assembly working together to improve the state’s business climate.

“This bill shows we can make progress. We’ve got a lot more we can do but we can do it…”

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