KC Chronicle: New same-day registration, voting rules could cost Kane County $2M

By KATIE KULL kkull @shawmedia.com
GENEVA– Kane County could face nearly $2 million in additional costs because of an extension of the grace-period registration for voters bill.

Signed by then-Gov. Pat Quinn in January, Senate Bill 172 requires same-day voter registration at every polling place for countywide elections if a county’s population is greater than 100,000, or if it has an electronic poll book – an electronic list of all eligible voters in the county.

Kane County has more than 515,000 residents, so it will have to foot the cost of adding two election officials and one voting machine to more than 95 polling places in the county, Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham said…

“This is going to be a very expensive mandate for county governments for counties who fit the criteria, and Kane County is one of them,” said State Rep. Keith Wheeler, R-Oswego…

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