Rep. Wheeler: House Democrats do an “End Run” around the Budget Process

SPRINGFIELD – Today Illinois House Democrats forced a series of partisan votes on a multi-billion dollar spending bill aimed at undermining the budget process. Bypassing the established bipartisan appropriations committees, Democrats brought sixteen amendments directly to the House floor less than a few hours before the vote, denying Republicans, groups impacted by the funding and the general public any opportunity to read or offer input on the amendments before the votes were rammed through on a partisan vote. Republicans, including State Rep. Keith Wheeler (R-Oswego), voted Present.
“In January, Speaker Madigan pledged to work with us and with the new Governor to solve our budget crisis. Instead, today his caucus jammed through votes on spending amendments totaling hundreds of pages to the tune of $2.6 Billion dollars, forcing us to vote before we even had time to read them. This is not how a democracy is supposed to work. It’s little wonder so many people are fed up with Springfield or why many families and job creators have left Illinois for better opportunities in recent years. We deserve better as a state and must hold ourselves to a higher standard if we are to make Illinois a place where everyone can be proud to live, work and raise a family.”