Wheeler passes bill to review state regulations on small business; rallies job creators on Employer Action Day

SPRINGFIELD – Taking aim at costly and burdensome overregulation of small business, the Illinois House of Representatives has unanimously approved a bipartisan bill introduced and sponsored by State Rep. Keith Wheeler (R-Oswego) requiring a full-scale review across every state agency of rules, regulations and permitting processes.
The measure, HB 3887, aims to identify all state regulations that are unreasonable, unduly burdensome, duplicative, or onerous to small business so they can be streamlined or eliminated. The first review would have to be completed within one year of the bill becoming law, with subsequent reviews to take place every 5 years thereafter.
“Small business men and women are the backbone of our state and local economies,” Rep. Wheeler said. “They create 64% of all new private-sector jobs in America and provide literally millions of good-paying career opportunities for hardworking families in Illinois and across the country each and every year. As a state, we have the ability to conduct a thorough review of every rule and regulation and identify the ones that make it harder for start-ups, entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses to create and sustain new jobs right here in the Fox Valley and beyond.”

House Bill 3887 now goes to the State Senate for consideration.
Additionally, Rep. Wheeler was a featured speaker at a gathering of hundreds of Illinois job creators and business advocates on Illinois Employer Action Day at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield on April 15, sponsored the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and the Associated Builders and Contractors Illinois Chapter.
“When small business owners step up and run for office like Rep. Wheeler did, the result is a stronger and louder voice in the Illinois General Assembly,” said Kim Clarke Maisch, State Director for NFIB/Illinois.  “We are thrilled to have Rep. Wheeler, such a strong advocate for small business, now part of the process and already making a difference.”
 Rep. Wheeler, a former Chairman of the NFIB Illinois Leadership Council and former Board Chairman for the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce, shared with attendees how his perspective as a small business owner of 24 years has shaped his approach as a freshman legislator:
“For too many years, Illinois’ tax and regulation policies have driven jobs and opportunity across our border to neighboring states. This year, our new Governor and the motivated pro-growth crop of freshmen legislators with real-world experience have begun the work to restore Illinois’ competiveness and once again make our state the envy of the Midwest when it comes to innovation and opportunity.”
Rep. Keith Wheeler (R-Oswego) speaks to job creators on Illinois Employer Action Day in Springfield.